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Hearing Loss Prevention

At Cleveland area- based Johnson Hearing Aid, we encourage you to hear about hearing loss prevention in addition to obtaining hearing treatment so that you can preserve the condition of your ears and protect your hearing as much as possible.

There are steps you can take to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, which tends to develop gradually and makes it possible for you to lose a significant amount of hearing before you notice.

  • Know which noises can cause damage - any noise above 85 decibels, including jet engines, lawn mowers, motorcycles, chainsaws, powerboats and music-listening devices (see The Sight and Hearing Association Noise Thermometer below). For a good measure, you should consider any noise over which you have to shout to be heard by someone an arm's length away potentially damage-causing noise
  • If possible, reduce noise at the source - for example, repair a deteriorating muffler, keep machinery oiled, don't turn your music-listening device up too loud
  • Wear protective devices such as earplugs or earmuffs
  • Get a hearing test if you are experiencing and of the symptoms discussed below

During early stages of noise induced hearing loss, sufferers may notice:

  • the need to turn up the television
  • difficulty understanding speech in groups or in the presence of background noise

As hearing worsens, sufferers may notice:

  • difficulty understanding conversation, even in quiet, one-to-one settings

Warnings signs that you have been exposed to hazardous noise include:

  • difficulty hearing someone 3 feet away
  • pain in your ears after leaving a noisy area
  • ringing or buzzing in your ears immediately after exposure to noise
  • difficulty understanding speech after exposure to noise

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